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Seize the Day: Carpe diem is a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace (Odes 1.11). It is popularly translated as “seize the day.” An interpretation of the phrase might be an existential cautionary term, much like “eat, drink, travel, and be merry, for tomorrow we die,” emphasizing making the most current opportunities because life is short. Time is fleeting.

Carpe diem has been modified to CarpeDM to reflect an evolution in meaning that not only encompasses the idea of “seizing the day” but also adding the element of “Doing More ” (hence DM) in terms of giving back to the local community in which we operate. Travel is a great way to provide unique life-changing experiences while leveling the playing field for wealth distribution. 

CarpeDM Vision:
We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of the local community by creating authentic experiences for world travellers.

CarpeDM Mission:

To create meaningful travel experiences, where travelers immerse themselves in transformative encounters, while concurrently uplifting local communities and the planet. We are committed to fostering harmony with the planet, encouraging active participation, and promoting prosperity for both travelers and the destinations we explore.

Yes that's correct this was previously accomplished via our 3.3.3 program.  3% work hours are dedicated to volunteer programs, 3% to Community projects, and 3% to environmental initiatives. 
However, since the pandemic we had to rethink this program as we are starting again with a much smaller team, less resources and time, so we created the GOFAR Project, which encompasses the 3.3.3 but on a smaller scale yet will still encompass the core values of the CarpeDM Adventures & still thinking big.  Stay tuned as we show you how we are delivering on this initiative through our 3 P's of the GOF.A.R Project.

Planet - This refers to the need to protect the planet, its natural resources, and the environment for future generations. Which represents the Green head in the heart. All the elements that make up nature. This includes protecting forests, oceans represented by the Blue, Yellow for Sun and Energy, as well as reducing pollution and addressing climate change. It also involves protecting the health and well-being of people and communities, by ensuring access to clean water, air, and healthy food.

Participation - This refers to the need for people to participate in a better experience for all, it starts with you. The silhouette of Red.  We can all make a difference.  What are the full nature of your transactions? We will work hard this year to bring you "more better for you" and "good for you travel experiences" vs "just fun for you experiences".  Together we can ensure the programs we offer are made in a way that benefits everyone, and that the needs of the planet are taken into account.

Prosperity - This refers to the need to create sustainable economic systems that support the planet, people, and communities. The Yellow hand in the heart. This includes promoting sustainable business practices, such as reducing waste and carbon emissions, as well as supporting local businesses and economies. By creating economic systems that are in balance with the planet and support the well-being of people and communities, we can ensure a prosperous future for all.


Tour Operator  / Agency

C – Changing lives through authentic experiences & wealth distribution.
A – Aiming high, being accountable, expecting the best of ourselves, the community, and our travelers.
R – Re-directing, transforming, and transferring negative situations into the possibility
P – Protecting & respecting destinations for future generations.
E – Exploring, Inspiring, and teaching people why “Sustainability matters.”
D – Doing the best possible for our community, clients, and our personal.
M – More opportunities to grow and promote sustainability

Take the Travel Better pledge to join the movement and voice your commitment to responsible tourism:

I pledge to “Travel Better” by making a conscious effort to:
LIGHTEN the footprint of my travels
CONSERVE the wild places I explore
SUPPORT the people and communities I visit
RESPECT the wildlife I see
CELEBRATE cultures authentically and respectfully
ADVOCATE for sustainable tourism

Our team

CEO Cookie

Meet Cookie, the dynamic rescue dog who crawled from under a car and straight into our hearts here at CarpeDM. After spending a magical night with our team, Cookie has become an ambassador for all things positive, bringing joy and enthusiasm wherever she goes.

Her infectious energy and unwavering spirit have made her a beloved symbol of hope and resilience. And now, in recognition of her extraordinary talents and unwavering dedication, Cookie has been appointed as our CEO. That's right, folks – this little ball of fur is now in charge!

Under Cookie's inspired leadership, we're confident that CarpeDM will continue to thrive and spread its message of positivity and empowerment far and wide. So come join us on this wild and wonderful journey, and let Cookie show you the true meaning of razzle dazzle!

Pablo Vivas

Picture this: after years of working in the corporate world, sets off to his ancestral roots in Ecuador to reconnect with his family and his heritage. Little did he know that this journey would lead him to found one of the most reputable travel companies in the region - CarpeDM Adventures.

Fast forward 15 years, and CarpeDM Adventures continues to be the top choice for thousands of independent and small group travelers. But what sets them apart is their commitment to responsible tourism and community development. Currently investors in Caiman & Tucan Ecolodge in Cuyabeno. With their passion for adventure and love for Ecuador, CarpeDM Adventures has become a beacon of hope for local communities and travelers alike.

So, if you're looking for a travel company that not only offers breathtaking experiences but also makes a positive impact, look no further than CarpeDM Adventures. Because with them, you're not just a tourist - you're part of a movement.

Dorian Turner

Dorian has lived in Ecuador for over 9 years now and for most of that time, he has been working with Carpedm Adventures. He has a passion for travel and new experience that he loves to share with others. His first Love in Ecuador is the Amazon rainforest, he has his own reforestation project reforesting 17 hectares of deforested forest and protecting it for future generations! Exploring the forest and working to improve the lives of Indigenous communities. His second love is the mountains, Hiking in the mountains is his family hobby. With his experience and knowledge of this great country, he will be able to help you plan a tip of a lifetime for you!

Michelle Guerra

Meet the newest addition to the CarpeDM Adventures team, a beacon of positivity and zest for life. With a deep passion for understanding the intricacies of the human mind and spirit, she boasts an impressive background as a clinical psychologist. But her talents don't stop there. When she's not diving deep into the realms of psychology, she's gracefully moving through yoga poses, crafting exquisite ceramics, or getting lost in the pages of her latest read. 

A true people person, her infectious energy and love for nature make her the perfect companion for any adventure. Whether she's whipping up a delicious vegetarian dish, traveling to a new destination, or simply spending quality time with her beloved Charlie, she embodies the spirit of CarpeDM. Join her as she brings a touch of joy to every journey, reminding us all to seize the day.

Alejandro Gavilanez

Alejandro Gavilanez came to us via the Instituto Superior Tecnológico de Turismo y Patrimonio Yavirac as a Intern for CarpeDM. Alejandro also known as Ale G is outgoing, enthusiastic & a great problem solver. He loves exploring the Andes and doing his best to provide a quality experience for those who chose to visit Ecuador. If he’s not guiding Cotopaxi, Quilotoa, Mindo, Otavalo or one of our free walking tours of Quito, you most likely will find him in the CarpeDM Office with a smile, ready to give you the best advice on Ecuador.

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