Remember September: Decades of Dreams & 16 Years of Reality!

October 1, 2023

Celebrating 16 Years of Elite Status: A Journey from Quito, Ecuador.

A Brief Look Back at September 2007 September 2007 wasn't just another month; it marked the inception of a travel dream in the heart of Quito, Ecuador. A dream that was not about racing through destinations but savoring every moment. Remember that September?

The Dream Begins in Quito, Ecuador Our journey began in Quito, a vibrant city with a rich tapestry of culture and history. But beyond its beautiful landscapes, we found a purpose - to introduce travelers to the authentic essence of destinations.

Setting the Stage for a Sustainable Future Even in those early days, our ethos was clear: travel should be sustainable, responsible, and deeply connected to the local communities.

Decades of Dreams & Their Realization Over the years, we didn't just chase dreams; we realized them. And while the landscape of the travel industry shifted, our commitment to 'slow travel' kept going.

The Importance of 'Slow Travel' What's the rush, right? Slow travel is not about ticking boxes. It's about immersion. It's the melody of local music, the flavors of indigenous food, and the stories that only locals can tell.

Making a Mark in the Travel Industry Our approach resonated with many, earning us not just loyal patrons but also numerous accolades. It's not been just a journey; it's been a transformation.

Our Accolades and Achievements: Triumphing with TripAdvisor's 2023 Elite! ???? This year, we wear a new feather in our cap, being recognized as TripAdvisor's 2023 Elite! It's a testament to our unwavering commitment and the genuine connections we've fostered over the years.

The Philosophy That Drives Us Every business operates on a set of beliefs. Ours? It's a philosophy deeply rooted in connection, education, and sustainability.

Connecting with Local Cultures At the heart of our travels is a desire to truly connect. To understand the rhythm of local life, to appreciate the traditions, and to be a part of the story, not just an observer.

Education and Emotional Impact Travel with us is not a mere vacation; it's an education. It leaves an indelible emotional impact, teaching you more about the world and yourself.

Sustainability: For People and Planet But what's a journey if it harms the very destinations we adore? Our travels are designed to be eco-friendly and beneficial for the communities we visit.

Join Us in Celebrating This Milestone! As we reminisce about our beginnings in Quito and celebrate our accolades, we invite you to be a part of this story. Join us in celebrating not just a milestone, but a philosophy that has stood the test of time.

Conclusion: Over the past 16 years, from that September day in 2007, we've traveled, grown, learned, and most importantly, connected. With each journey, we've deepened our commitment to slow travel, sustainability, and authentic experiences. As we toast to our triumph as TripAdvisor's 2023 Elite, we're filled with gratitude and anticipation for the adventures that await.