Carpedm Testimonials

Maria, Jennifer, and Eleanor

"Galapagos – The trip to the Galapagos was amazing!! The Fragata was lovely, very clean, the food was gorgeous, the crew was lovely and we had great fun with them and our guide Ivan was just brilliant…we really enjoyed our time there on the Fragata and we were sorry to say goodbye!! Tell Paul we said thanks so much for organizing the trip for us, he was so helpful and friendly and we really appreciated it. The whole Galapagos experience couldn’t have gone any better!! And we will definitely be recommending Carpedm to any of our friends/family traveling to South America."

Darin Cohen – Canada

"Galapagos – I had an absolutely fantastic time on the cruise on the Pelikano  I was very lucky that the cruise wasn´t too full so I had my own room to myself. The cruise met my expectations.  I felt like the Galapagos has such high standards and I had such high expectations but they were all met.  The islands are so special and they make you see what life might be like if humans left to nature and animals alone. The guiding was above average.  Our guide was very knowledgeable and after a few days, we learned his personality and how to enjoy him more."

Meredith & Tom

"Galapagos – The cruise really toped all our expectations. It was amazing and we felt so comfortable on the ship. the crew was really nice and helpful. The guding was perfect. And also the food. It was excellent and kind like a buffet so you always could each as much as you want. But it was really nice trip and we could recommend it to everybody."

Marco and Josta – Holland

"Galapagos – We have to admit; everything was perfect on the Encantada (except for the coffee, haha!).. The food was great, the guide very gentle and the wildlife has been very good to us! Genovesa is a real plus for the Encantada… All in all, it was worth all the money! :-).Please take a look at our pictures on our site: !"

Meredith & Tom

"Galapagos – We had a GREAT time on the Xavier cruise. I honestly could not think of one single complaint. The boat was great, very comfortable. The staff on board were friendly and professional. The food was great, amazing quality, HEAPS (too much) to eat… I think we came back fatter. Our guide? Wilow? was great…itinerary was great (southern)."

Julia Wood

"Galapagos, I had an amazing time in the Galapagos Islands.  Our guide was excellent and the tour was well organized.  I was also very impressed with the food. Can’t wait to print some of my photos to show family and friends."

Tom & Jenneke – Belgium

"Amazon + The organization was smooth+ the accommodation is basic but cozy and it has everything you need, we became good friends with the tarantula living in our roof+ our guide Luis was very good, he knew his stuff (plants and animals) and was really motivated and enthusiastic+ the activities I enjoyed most were the jungle walks, animal watching from the canoe, fishing, and swimming. Overall it was definitely worth it and I’ve recommended the trip already to several other Belgians visiting Ecuador."

Essie Asawapornmongkol & Arash – US

"Galapagos – I just wanted to let both of you know how much Arash and I appreciated your help!  We loved The Angelique!  Thank you so much for working with us to book the last minute deal! We are back in San Diego now, but have great memories and wonderful pictures!"

Esther K. – Canada

"Galapagos I just want to thank you and your agency for handling my Galapagos and Otavalo trip bookings.  I truly enjoyed my one-month’s stay in Ecuador."

Alison Davis – USA

"Galapagos – I am home now after my trip to the Galapagos, which was great. I was on the Xavier GAP ship, and was very glad that I chose that company. The nature guide in particular was very good. All of the crew were very nice as well."