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Step into a world of Adventure with CarpeDM, the award-winning tour operator and agency in Ecuador. Established in 2007, we've been recognized as a Travellers Choice winner for 2022, 2021, and 2020, and have received a Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame award from 2016 to 2019. As a preferred supplier for G Adventures day tour activities in Ecuador, we're your go-to for unforgettable experiences.

We are proud to be part of the "Slow Travel" movement, where we believe in being present and savoring time without the rush of ticking off bucket lists. In Ecuador, time moves at a slower pace, which is reflected in our approach to travel. Visit us at our offices in Quito, located at the Basilica Voto National, where the clocks in the bell towers have stood still for years - a reminder that Ecuador demands patience.

Slow Travel is all about connection: to local people, cultures, food, and music. It's a sustainable approach that creates the perfect travel experience, immersing you in the local culture, educating you, and leaving an emotional impact both in the present and future, while remaining sustainable for local communities and the environment. Our projects in the Amazon are the epitome of this style of travel. While not all of our trips are fully optimized for Slow Travel yet, most incorporate some aspects of "Flow Style". Together we create "Slow Flow".

Our "Flow Style" rankings for each trip are based on 3 core characteristics: Novelty, Complexity, and Unpredictability. There are 22 Flow Triggers, driving attention to the present moment. However, we just focus on the 3 for now, our goal is for you to feel alive and in the "Flow" state. The higher the ranking on the Flow Style, the more likely it is to push you out of your comfort zone. If you are here, you're ready to experience more novelty in your life. The more risk you take, the more likely you will enter the "Flow" state. We strive to provide a challenging yet safe environment, so you can surrender to the unknown.

CarpeDM Launches New GoFar DIEM Social Token

We recently launched our new GOFAR DIEM Social DIEM Token. Just book your 1st tour with us, and you are entitled to 10 Free GoFAR DIEM Tokens to be used for your subsequent tour. 10 Tokens is equivalent to $10 US. Just let us know if you would like to receive them, as there is a small learning curve. However, spend the time and save some cash on your next tours or transfer the tokens to a friend, so they can travel with CarpeDM.
Our Community Token is currently hosted on the Solana Blockchain and can be accessed using a Phantom Wallet. After you book your tour, send us your Phantom Wallet address and we will send your 10 Tokens within 24 hours. Then when are ready to book your next tour with us, send us back the tokens to our Phantom Wallet address: DByJtZu7GjrCUAj8kvAAh69mHvVYXr3GQxpkw7xvPCLZ. A maximum of 10 GoFar DIEM Tokens can be used per person per tour.

If this is completely new to you, then watch the video and follow the steps. If you still need help setting up your Phatom wallet, send us a WhatsUp and will do our best to assist you. This is all new for us to, but we are excited to offer a new way to build community and make your adventure in Ecuador a memorable one :) Please keep in mind that GoFar DIEM tokens cannot be redeem of cash.

As one of Quito's most recommended agencies, we're committed to making your time in Ecuador unforgettable. We've been featured in various travel guides such as Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Petite Fute, & CNN iReport. Located in the heart of Historical Quito at the Basilica Voto National, we're the perfect starting point for your Ecuadorian adventure. So join us on an epic journey, where every step is a new adventure, every moment is a memory, and every day is a celebration of life.

Experience a part of the world that you have been wishing to discover: day tours, multi-sport, Amazon and Galapagos cruises, and multi-day programs. Enrich your life with one of kind experiences discover another side of yourself. Our volunteer programs are currently in the works but stay close as we got some great surprises in store. DoMore in Ecuador with CarpeDM!
  • star ratingMy experience with the agency and the guide Alejandro were excellent. I would recommend that all travelers take a tour, they are one of the best experiences, what each one... read more

    avatar thumb P3543GFleonardog
    December 29, 2022

    star ratingI did the Cotopaxi Tour, it was one of the best experienced I ever had. Alejandro our guide was super friendly and knowledgeable regarding the volcano. He was also very... read more

    avatar thumb U8734HCjavierc
    January 16, 2023

    star ratingDorian at CarpeDM arranged an amazing Amazon trip for me, at the incredible Sani Lodge off the Napo River, and helped in myriad other ways to make my trip to... read more

    avatar thumb D3684RFpeterh
    February 11, 2023
  • star ratingFantastic one day trip with excellent guide - Alejandro was a fantastic guide and gave us an excellent introduction to Cotopaxi and the animals that live in the national park during the bus ride. He made sure the... read more

    March 6, 2023

    star ratingI really recommend the 1 day Cotopaxi Tour. Our Guide Alejandro did a amazing job. He speaks fluent English and gave us a lot of information in a funny way.... read more

    avatar thumb Gjoel92
    January 11, 2023

    star ratingBeautiful Cotopaxi - We throughly enjoyed our tour with Alejandro. The views were fantastic and we were very well looked after. It was a little tough climbing Vulcan Cotopaxi with the altitude but... read more

    avatar thumb globetrotter3371
    December 21, 2022
  • star ratingAmazing experience - I had a great time. The guide Stui and the driver Pancho were super helpful and thoughtful. The whole experience was a success. I recommend it without a doubt!

    avatar thumb thaylisen2023
    January 2, 2023

    star ratingCoolest day your - We had just an awesome time. Even though it was quite snowy and foggy for some of the time, it did not matter. What a great tour. Alejandro is truly... read more

    avatar thumb Charlie S
    January 3, 2023

    star ratingAlejandro is upbeat and did an amazing job teaching us about the history of the Ecuador along the way to Laguna Quilotoa. He is incredibly knowledgeable! He did great job... read more

    avatar thumb jflsblds
    February 23, 2023

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The journey always begins with calibrating that compass; let your emotions be your guide and let us be your map. The trusted and recommended source for those wishing to explore Ecuador. With more than 15 years of providing quality service and being guided by thousands, the only thing holding you back is your imagination.
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