CarpeDM Partners with the Enigmatic Yanna & Tinkuk Mountain Tours : Dive into the Heart of the Andes!

August 22, 2023

Hold onto your hats, adventurers, because a triple-threat collaboration will sweep you off your feet! CarpeDM Adventures, the masters of enthralling expeditions, are partnering with the magnetic Yanna, the essence of the Andean spirit. And adding an irresistible cherry on top, they're unveiling this soulful journey via the renowned Slow Flow Travel philosophy.

Have you ever imagined traversing the place where the heavens kiss the earth? Yanna, nurtured by the shadows of the awe-inspiring Tayta Chimborazo, is your guide into this mystical world. With tales that echo back to her adventurous climb at just 8 years old, she’s not just a guide; she’s the living folklore of the mountains.

CarpeDM Adventures and Slow Flow Travel recognized the spark in Yanna. They saw a story that needed to be told, an experience that demanded to be felt. Combining the immersive approach of Slow Flow Travel with Yanna's profound connection to the Andes ensures travelers don't just visit; they truly live the mountains, even if only for a few heartbeats.

And here's where it gets even more exciting! Yanna’s brigade of indigenous female mountain guides, the torchbearers of ancient Andean tales & Tinkuk Mountain Tours, join the journey. Together, they beckon you to wander these hallowed trails, reaching points where you're a breath away from the sun in spaces only Ecuador can boast.

Are you ready for an expedition that slows down time, lets you breathe in the magic, and envelops you in the true essence of the Andes? With CarpeDM Adventures, Yanna, and Tinkuk Moutain Tours, every step becomes a story, every moment a memory.

Embark on this mesmerizing escapade and let the Andes whisper their ancient tales into your soul. Dive in now because adventures like these wait for no one!