Join the Slow Flow Travel Movement: CarpeDM & Go F.A.R Project and Hug a Tree to Show Love for Our Planet this Earth Day!

April 22, 2023

Footprints of Grace: Celebrating Earth Day with CarpeDM

Slow down, my friend, and take it easy

Let's celebrate Earth Day, let's do it breezy

With CarpeDM & Go F.A.R. Project, let's take a ride

Through fields and forests, side by side

No need to rush, no need to hurry

Let's explore the world with no worry

Feel the wind, hear the sound

Of nature's beauty all around

Let's park the car, and step outside

And hug a tree, let's feel alive

Let's embrace the Earth with care

For it's the planet that we share

Let people stare, let them wonder

We'll leave a mark, like thunder

A mark of love, a mark of care

For Earth, our home, so rare

So let's slow down, and take a breath

Let's show the world, what's worth the quest

For Earth, our home, let's take a stand

Let's protect it, with heart and hand