Journey into the Future: Experience CarpeDM's 'Go F.A.R' Project with Re-ciclas Bikes

July 27, 2023

Lights, camera, action! Get ready for a thrilling story of innovation and sustainability!

Every year, our beloved planet gets bombarded with a staggering 300 million tons of plastic waste. Imagine the burden on Mother Earth, as over 8 million tons of this refuse finds its way into her beautiful oceans.

In the bustling city of Quito, a heartbreaking number of 1.7 million plastic bottles are discarded every single day, with only a measly 3% finding their way to recycling facilities. It paints a bleak picture, doesn't it?

Enter Re-ciclas: our shining knight in recycled armor! Striding forth with an environmental solution that encourages cycling, Re-ciclas is dedicated to looking after our precious planet. With their revolutionary methods, no welding or drilling is required to convert these discarded plastic bottles into lifelong, reliable bicycle frames.

Re-ciclas brings us a solution that's as bright as the morning sun: recycled bicycles that pave the way for real, sustainable mobility. Our health flourishes as we pedal away on these bicycles, our hearts pumping, muscles strengthening, and spirits soaring. As we glide through city streets or scenic countryside, our bicycles leave nothing but a gentle breeze in our wake - no harmful CO2 emissions that plague our air.

Did you know that by choosing to cycle, you can prevent the release of 300 grams of CO2 per kilometer? That's compared to the emissions spewed out by an average car. Just let that sink in for a moment.

From August 2022 to April 2023, Re-ciclas proudly accepted 19,657 kilos of recycled PET bottles, leading to the reduction of 94,353 kilos of CO2 emissions. And the company didn't stop there. Their reach expanded across 7 cities, including the exotic lands of Isla San Cristobal and Isla Baltra in Galapagos.

This fantastic journey meant saying no to 37,348 liters of oil, thus choosing the earth and its future over short-term convenience. Re-ciclas has grown to form alliances with 20 public and private companies, creating a strong network committed to an eco-friendly future.

Through their pioneering exchange program, Re-ciclas has delivered 14 recycled bicycles, literally turning waste into a means of healthy, green transportation. Additionally, 8 bicycles and 6 frames were sold, further testifying to the success of this venture.

Hold on to your seats, folks, because this is just the beginning. With our Go F.A.R project & Cotopaxi Day Tour, we're pedaling towards a future where sustainability is no longer an option but a way of life. Get ready to embrace the exhilarating joy of cycling and join us in this revolution to save our world, one plastic bottle at a time.

CarpeDM, renowned for crafting immersive and enlightening travel experiences, has now proudly welcomed Re-ciclas into their adventurous family, particularly for their Cotopaxi day trip.

Cycling down the majestic Cotopaxi on a Re-ciclas bike, crafted with love and respect for Mother Earth, is nothing short of a magical experience. The thrill of the ride, coupled with the knowledge of making a significant environmental impact, adds a unique dimension to your adventure.

As of now, CarpeDM has only one Re-ciclas bike in its fleet. Yes, it's true - these eco-friendly marvels come with a slightly heftier price tag than their standard counterparts. However, the investment goes beyond mere monetary value. Each bike stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability, a promise to our planet, and an exciting opportunity for our travelers to make a real difference.

In essence, choosing a Re-ciclas bike is not just about the ride, it's about making a statement and contributing to a cause that reverberates far beyond the scenic trails of Cotopaxi. It's about embracing a new perspective on travel where the joy of the journey intertwines with the gratification of making a positive impact on our environment.

Stay tuned, dear adventurers! As we pedal forward, we are devoted to increasing our fleet of these environmental warriors. We're dedicated to creating an immersive travel experience that’s not just "Fun for You" but also "Good for You," a perfect blend of excitement and responsibility.

Together, we will continue to carve out new paths of discovery, ensuring that our footsteps (or rather, our tire tracks) leave a legacy of positive change and mindful exploration. So, join us on this thrilling ride into the future of eco-conscious travel with CarpeDM's Go F.A.R Project and Re-ciclas. We're just getting started!