Poetry Corner - Quito

December 23, 2022

In Quito, Ecuador's capital city,
Where the air is crisp and clear,
CarpeDM Adventures takes us on a tour,
To explore and discover.

We wander through the streets and squares,
Taking our time to appreciate,
The rich history and culture that's everywhere,
In this vibrant and diverse state.

From the bustling markets to the towering churches,
There is so much to see and do,
As we journey through this vibrant metropolis,
Embracing the magic of slow travel.

But it's not just the city that captivates us,
For the surrounding landscape is just as grand,
From the towering volcanoes to the cascading waterfalls,
There's beauty to be found in every land.

So let us embrace the adventure of CarpeDM,
And explore the wonders of Quito, Ecuador,
At a pace that allows us to fully immerse,
In all that this amazing place has to disperse.