Amazonia - Time to Explore

December 23, 2022

In the Amazonian rain,
Where the air is thick with life,
CarpeDM Adventures takes us on a journey,
To discover the wonders of this wild place.

We wander through the jungle,
Taking our time to explore,
As we encounter all sorts of flora and fauna,
That call this place home.

From the mighty Anaconda to the vibrant Toucan,
There is so much to see and learn,
As we venture through the heart of the jungle,
Embracing the magic of slow travel.

But it is not just the animals that captivate us,
For the Amazon is also home to ancient cultures,
Whose traditions and knowledge have been passed down,
Through the ages.

So let us embrace the adventure of CarpeDM,
And discover the beauty of the Ecuadorian Amazon,
At a pace that allows us to fully immerse,
In all that this wild place has to disperse.