CarpeDM Poems - To make much of time...

December 22, 2022

CarpeDM Adventures, oh how grand
A journey to the Galapagos land
Where wildlife roams free and wild
And memories are made, oh so mild

From snorkeling with sea turtles fair
To hiking through lava fields bare
Each day brings a new surprise
As we explore this paradise

But it's not just about the sights to see
It's about the people, as unique as can be
From all walks of life, we come together
Bonding over our love for adventure

So let's DoMore, let's make it count
With CarpeDM Adventures, the fun never runs out
From the moment we land, until we depart
Our hearts will be filled, with a joy that's smart

The Galapagos Islands, a treasure to behold
Thanks to CarpeDM Adventures, a story to be told
Of adventure, of friendship, of nature's pure might
A memory to cherish, forever in sight