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Mindo 1 day

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Mindo is a small town set amidst a landscape of lush green mountains, crystalline rivers & waterfalls, and pristine nature. It is widely recognized as a center for both nature immersion and adventure activities.

To the northwest of Quito and is one of the attractions close to the Capital of Ecuador, passing by the famous monument to the Middle of the World we have Mindo with its warm and humid climate for being on the border between two regions: The Andes and the Ecuadorian coast.

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The Itinerary

Departure at 7.30am from Carpedm’s office we will have breakfast and then set off towards Mindo. The drive takes about two and a half hours. On the way we can stop outside the equator line monument site for anyone who wants to take a quick picture and then carry along the beautiful Mountain roads where you will notice the change in scenery as you go down in altitude. Our first stop is the Zip lines or Canopy as they call it here as you are literally above the canopy. There are 10 lines in total and if you are feeling brave you could even try the superman or Butterfly. After about an hour of adrenalin fueled fun you will head towards the Tarabita which is a cable car that takes you to the start of your waterfall walk. As you walk through the cloud forest you could see a variety of different birds and butterflies. if you bring a swim suit you could take a swim in the crystal clear water. Once you have dried off a little we will head for lunch. After lunch optional activities are either:
  1. Visit to chocolate factory (not included in price). OR
  2. Visit to butterfly Farm / Hummingbirds (not included in price)
After a fun filled day you will head back to Quito arriving to our office at around 7pm or 8 pm
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Dive into our Mindo Cloudforest Daytour, an eco-conscious expedition that not only nurtures local economies through sustainable tourism practices but also enhances your well-being, as you immerse yourself in the lush, oxygen-rich haven of one of the world's most biodiverse cloud forests. This tour is a symphony of environmental harmony and personal rejuvenation, where every breath in the verdant paradise contributes to both the flourishing of local communities and your inner peace.

Trip Outline
Step into the enchanting realm of Mindo, cradled by the Mindo-Nambillo Cloud Forest, a biodiversity hotspot teeming with hundreds of bird species, including those dancing on the brink of extinction. Here, adventure takes flight as you zipline across the canopy, unravel the secrets of chocolate making from bean to bar, and wander through a kaleidoscope of colors at the butterfly farm. Cap it off with a hike to cascading waterfalls, in a land brimming with endless exploration possibilities.

  • Lunch
  • Transport
  • Guide
  • Breakfast and Extra Snacks/Beverages
  • $20 entry to ziplining
  • $5 entry to waterfall walk
  • $10 Entry to Chocolate factory Tour or
  • $7.50 Butterfly Farm
  • TIPS