Papallacta Day Trip

Papallacta Day Trip

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You deserve to treat yourself.  Take your well-being to the next level with nature. Drive two hours out of Quito to Papallacta Hot Springs, located on the Cinnamon trail, (65km from Quito) which is the same route that Francisco de Orellana took in 1542 when he crossed the Andean Mountain range in search of spices and gold, and discovered the Amazon River. Relax in hot springs of varying temperatures with views of the Antisana volcano. Opt to go on a short hike or get a spa service for an additional cost.


The Itinerary


Immerse yourself in the soothing waters of our Papallacta Hot Springs Tour, an experience that not only fosters local economic growth by supporting community-based enterprises but also offers a sanctuary for your health and well-being, with the natural hot springs providing a therapeutic retreat amidst the serene Andean landscape. This tour is a celebration of sustainable travel, where the rejuvenation of your body and mind goes hand in hand with the flourishing of the local environment and its inhabitants.

Trip Outline
Journey back in time as you embark on a two-hour drive from Quito, tracing the historic Cinnamon trail to the enchanting Papallacta Hot Springs, nestled 65km away. This very path, once traversed by Francisco de Orellana in 1542 during his quest for spices and gold, led to the epochal discovery of the Amazon River. Now, it leads you to an oasis of relaxation where steaming hot springs, set against the majestic backdrop of the Antisana volcano, invite you to unwind in their therapeutic embrace. Choose to enrich your experience with a rejuvenating hike through the serene landscape or indulge in a spa service, transforming this journey into an exquisite blend of adventure and blissful tranquility.

  • Bilingual guide Spanish / English.
  • Tourist transport.
  •  Lunch
  • Breakfast
  • Entrance Fee $ 9.50
  • Extra food and drinks.
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  • Snacks